Well, frogs have that super primitive, but all-powerfull low-level hunting programming, constantly scanning their surroundings for the latest iPhone. In fact, they literally do not perceive those parts of the world that aren't retina display, touchscreen enabled or fits comfortable in your pocket. They literally…

» 9/22/14 6:06am Yesterday 6:06am

I enjoyed this episode as well. I was watching this and thinking "Urgh... They are stealing back the TARDIS. It's so obvious." And them the reveal happen and I was glad I had it all wrong. I like moments like that in TV-shows. Because you can always calculate a story really fast nowadays. So getting stuff wrong is… » 9/21/14 9:54am Sunday 9:54am

I'm pretty sure everything in Lion King happen and the animal kingdom is just hiding it from us. I bet they were discussing something with the genet and the first buffalo just don't like that person. But the other buffalo likes to gaze at starts with the genet on fridays. So he is cool with genet tagging along to see… » 9/18/14 4:50pm Thursday 4:50pm